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Butterflies Playgroup : 24-36 months

Mr JD capturing the attention with his ukeleleYour child will be more independent with a growing sense of will and determination to make their own choices and decisions. Your child will begin to actively play alongside their peers, occasionally joining in play activities and becoming much more curious of those around them. Showing an interest in pretend play activities and engaging in a number of play opportunities led by their peers and teachers.

Your child will be starting to demonstrate a sense of self and show an awareness of others’ feelings in the classroom. Responding to some boundaries related to the daily routine. Your child will still have little idea about sharing and taking turns. Activities will be introduced to assist in developing these skills. Your child will become increasingly active and will be able to express themselves through physical action and sounds, showing an ever increasing enjoyment in rhymes and action games.

Butterfly class will engage your child in all our traditional timetable along with an academic syllabus including numbers, shapes, colours, letters and write dance handwriting experiences. The academic syllabus is introduced to your toddler through practical experiences, such as games, singing and stories, which are always a lot of fun! Your child will be introduced to handling large crayons independently and encouraged to develop their pincer grip while completing simple colouring sheets. During group circle time, your child will be encouraged to sit on a chair and join in for longer periods. They will be introduced to completing the day board, along with further catchy tunes to learn basic numbers, colours, shapes and letters. Your child will look to further understand the world around them through monthly themes.

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